Relational capital, the power of local experts and authority. IRP builds community, revenue and relationships.

Community with a 360 approach
marketing, messaging, motivation and media 
Membership site focused on live and on-demand video content
no contracts - no small print - no bs


focus, performance,  leadership and authority

Integrated Performance is a oneline solution! 

Tools, tech and talent win business. Oneline to your audience, connection is key.

Choose the tools, training,  assistance or support that work for you, now.

If you have questions or want to customize a program for a group, click the button.


How to use your strength(s) with people who want to buy from  you

Interactive videos

Get leads with better engagement of over 40%

Branding Graphics

Create your visual brand and get attention as a leader.

The strength of our nation lies in the homes of its people. -Abraham Lincoln

Author, Host/Brand Leader

Create celebrity and authority with this powerful tool.

Personalized Dynamic Content

Create compelling offers that sell.

Chicago Show

Create a non stop flow of business

Leaders create business, be a part of the solution


Life is not generic and neither is good business, get involved. Do better.

Increase community list size

Build membership, subscribers and strategic lists for continual growth. Reduce expenses while generating revenue.

ONE LINE Integrated multicast platforms with social and strategic communications programs are the growth and future of marketing.
Connection and engagement are the new currency of communities and organizations value with influence and authority.
Show, serve sell with dynamic personalized content
Improve results with mission based alliances. Collaborative strategies reward everyone. 

The shift and disruption of today's status quo has created new challenges and opportunities, as existing approaches and old methods provide diminishing returns. Just working harder is not the answer. Our proven processes and technology provide the foundation for organizational change and creating revenue simultaneously. Learn how we can strengthen each individual member while providing increased cumulative shared benefits.

Change creates challenges and opportunity

Create more engagement

Deliver value daily, and achieve position and authority with community through strategic digital services.

Generate revenue and support

Outdated methodology is replaced with growth agents of today. Spend your time with better targeted audiences and improve ROI.

Frequently asked questions

How Does  ItzRPlace Work?
Every month as a member of the platform you get a free video, training and strategy. You can use all of those assets or upgrade to higher levels or different services for that month or campaign. You can stop anytime, there are no contracts, and no refunds unless you ordered work and we messed up. Otherwise, every month we try to earn your business and help you to do the same with your market
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Why ItzRPlace?

This is the  most critical time in our country to support and build our communities and the people that make them special. We are in the middle of the largest transfer of wealth in the history of man. NOW.

ITzRPLACE is made up of experts  in communications, marketing and technology.  From small, local business to multi-nationals,  tools and solutions that work today and build.
We are experienced solution makers, adept at harnessing the power of relationships and revenue that combine for great business.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed is our pledge.  It states that we will do what we say , taking the risk out of working with us. Its our way to get to know you, and to demonstrate the value of performance.
We believe and know the power  of value. By delivering value that improves your business and life, our relationship grows and we grow as part of performance based community. That is how great relationships work, everyone benefits.  We call that success.  Simple.

Who is ItzRPLace?

205 N Michigan
Chicago, Il 60601


A Generative Approach

Quartana aims at being a generative entity, producing solutions that hold a better thought, truth or value to every generation.
We believe in the Golden Rule and in the unalienable freedoms of God and country. It is our duty to serve as best we can here and now.

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